V​.​A. - The Elements: Water EP

by cosm records



After another long wait, we are glad to finally be able to announce our next big strike. Originally planned as a little digital concept ep - we have been completely sucked in and inspired so much, that - what came out is almost a fully fledged compilation series dedicated to the four primal elements.

Starting out with COSM009 - V.A. - The Elements: Water EP - we pay a sonic homage to arguably our planet’s most important one: water. We have gathered our artist core 6th Floor, Electric Sheep, Paraphone and Hermetica to weave their magical sonic tapestry worshipping the basic element of life - H2O.

Opened by 6th Floor’s orchestral descent to the enchanting “Sirens Of The Abyss” - an atmospheric masterpiece of immense proportions, pulling the listener deeper and deeper into a hypnotic chasm of effervescent psychedelic bliss.

Electric Sheep further abduct you with their trademark atmospheric groovyness in the timeless floater fantasy “Water Of Life” - and make you delve into a trippy aquaworld of waves and frequencies.

Followed by Paraphone’s “Octopus” - a dizzying polylimbic cephalopod of a tune - sucking you even deeper and deeper - the EP is rounded off with “Orichalcum” another bubbling dub-tripper from “Hermetica” - cosm’s alchemical sonic chillwizard himself.

Watch out for the upcoming Element EPs devoted to “Air”, “Fire” and “Earth” - to be released in the close future of the next months.


released September 17, 2015


all rights reserved


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